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Recently we got many emails and WhatsApp messages about custom ties.

Here are some common questions for your reference:

  • Is it possible to create custom neckties with a completely custom design based on a pattern?
  • We want to start launching neckties in our company brand, what is the MOQ for custom neckties?
  • Looking to purchase branded ties with our logo.
  • I need to apply some sort of logo design, embroidered in microfiber neckties. How much would be the best cost per unit, and what would be the MOQ?
  • How to do business with personalized ties?
  • We would love to procure neckties for our staff.
  • Looking to get custom ties made for my football team, how long it would take?
  • Looking for a personalized tie & pocket square.
  • What is MOQ for our custom design neckties?

Regarding these questions, here are lots of custom tie wholesale tips for beginners, if you are sourcing custom ties, pls read the tips carefully, with the knowledge, you are going to know the whole process of procurement, custom tie wholesale can be easy and efficient, learn the experience over 15 years, realize from concept to product easily.


Usually, MOQ is 100pcs

PS: It is adjustable according to your actual needs.


It takes about 2 weeks to make a sample (including designing).

design 900 600

It takes about 3-4 weeks to make the bulk after sample approval.

Logo, Personalized Design

Common Custom Ties

All-over Logo Tie

green tie removebg preview

Unique Logo Tie

Middle Logo Tie

Middle Logo Tie

Head Logo Tie

head logo tie

Double Logo Tie

double Logo Tie

Personalized Design

personalized Design

Four Styles of Ties

Woven Tie

woven tie

Printed Tie

printed tie

Embroidered Tie

embroidered tie

Knitted Tie

knitted tie

Four Common Materials of Tie

100% Silk Tie

100% silk

Microfiber Polyester Tie

Polyester Tie

Cotton Tie

Brand Label & Care Label

label and care label

Brand Label

Care Label


Clean Poly Bag

poly bag

Free of Charge.

The best choice to transport.

Smallest volume and lowest cost of transportation.

Most common

Gift Box

A gift box is needed for retail.

Good looking and easy to carry.

It helps you increase the value of your sales and get higher profits at a lower cost.

gift box


The price is mainly related to the design & quantity.

2 Main Payment Methods




For small qty, international express is the best choice, which is quick and convenient, such as FedEx, and DHL.

If qty is larger, air shipment is better for you, it is also quick, but cheaper than international express.

For more qty, it is the cheapest way to ship by sea.

If you have any ideas or questions, pls feel free to write a comment below, Tiecoco team would love to talk with you.

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