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Our Products

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Fabric Swatches

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Custom Service



Adjustable Bowtie Bulk

If you are sourcing bowties, Tiecoco offers a wide range of designs including Solid Bowties, Striped Bowties, Plaid Bowties, Polka Dot Bowties, Paisley Bowties, Floral Bowties, Vintage Bowties, etc.

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Woven Bowties

custom bowties 900 600

Custom Bowties

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Pretied Bowtie

self bowties

Self Bowties

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Two Layers/Two Wrinkles Bowtie

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Two Layers/Wrinkle Bowtie

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Bowtie Hairpin

ladies bowtie 900 600

Ladies Bowtie

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Bowtie Key Chain

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Velvet Bowtie

solid bowtie 900 600

Satin Bowtie

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Wooden Bowtie

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General Jacquard Fabric Swatches

You can make any bowties & necktie set in the same fabric. We have a large number of patterns for our customers to choose from and reference.

Custom Service

Customize the pattern, size, packaging, etc. according to your requirements.

Design logo bowties to build your own brand!

MOQ is only 100pcs

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Custom Pattern

Design the most suitable structure, stitch, color matching, and pattern size according to your requested pattern.

Custom Size

Over the years, custom size are preferred by a wide range of customers. It can meet the needs of different people with 100% satisfaction.


Custom Packaging

We offer custom boxes and affordable packaging. Get quality retail packaging boxes for the product you need.

Bowtie Manufacturer

Contact us, now! Let me tell you the knowledge of bowtie production that you don’t know. We will execute your custom design after you send us your demand.

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Pattern Design

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Logo Design

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Color Design

custom tie

Weaving Workshop

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Weft Yarn

weave fabric

Weaving Process

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Fabric & Design Options
custom logo necktie with box
Custom Logo Tie
custom bowtie
Custom Bowtie
custom scarf
Custom Pocket Square
silk printing scarf
Custom Scarf
waistcoat 513 513
Custom Waistcoat
cummerbund 513 513
Custom Cummerbund
ascot 513 513
Custom Ascot
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We can source any other material on request, but quotes take up to 48 hours.

happy customer

“Nice printed pattern, skinny ties, nice cloth feel. Looks better than the pic of PPS.”


Happy customers


“This tie is VERY nice quality especially for the price. lovely fabric. pattern is cool. going to order more for my retail shop!”


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“high quality silk ties for a reasonable price, Perfectly matched as artwork, you’re the expert! ”


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